Dan's shop with all his art
class drawings & Linda's
300 ZX. We believe in a
clean and sober
environment and have
worked hard to maintain it.
Dan rode with the Second
Brotherhood for a couple of
years. (they were a clean
and sober bunch of bikers),
Linda has been involved
with codependence
Anonymous since it started.
Above- Dan finished the
fence on the third phase,
we went w/ 3 rail split
ceder down the front
road. To the left- The
card he made for Linda
when she was breeding.
and His Mom & Dad that
he also put thru Photo
shop to fix up. Don't
know how old his Dad
was in that one. Mom
sure is a pretty one.
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Katie Asleep again
Linda, Storm,& Charity
taking a stroll around
the house and to the
left, our living room
with Shyanne. to the
right,Dan,Mikey, &
Yeng,Yang the cat
Sober Bikers United.com
Clean & sober biker
My 1950 Ford
and Linda's
300 zx after I
put the ground
effects kit on
and the model
A to the right
Rat Rods click here