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Linda & Slick ran for the
pony express for four
years, doing what she
was bred to do, run.
She has an unusually
slow heart rate which
makes her perfect for
City Slicker's breeding with
Blaze a Trail out of Fresno,
California brought our
favorite stallion (Coda's
Cash) he is not as long as
his mom. Short and thick,
quick to rein, cut or barrels.
He is a smart horse and all
his offspring should have
the same qualities
City Slicker
stands high over
most horses at
almost 16 hands
but she also has
that long neck and
body from her
racing bloodline.
Slick wasn't much
of a cow horse,
she didn't like em.
But get her out in
the open with a
saddle on her
back and she
would ride all day.
The pony express was a
good event but it
seemed like we went
further out each time to
meet the mail. When you
drive 160 or more miles
round trip. It gets to be a
little hard on the
equipment and livestock.
Don't get me wrong, it's
a great organization